Volunteers are the backbone of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP).  ICMCP’s work is done largely through its Executive Leadership and accompanying Committees—all overwhelmingly made up of volunteers.  The opportunities for leadership and growth abound through these channels, and it affords the volunteer exciting ways to engage with other members of ICMCP.  ICMCP offers a wealth of volunteer opportunities:

  • ICMCP committees seek volunteers with requisite skills–fundraising, social media outreach, corporate events planning, identifying and approaching potential corporate sponsors, etc.;
  • ICMCP Mutual-Match Mentor/Protégé program where mid and senior-level executives can mentor entry-level practitioners;
  • Providing support services at ICMCP regional and national events;
  • Local activities in forming and leading ICMCP chapters.  

Volunteering is an excellent opportunity not only to provide vital assistance to a fast-growing organization but also affords the volunteer a myriad of networking opportunities with other minority and women students and professionals in the cybersecurity industry—and fulfills an eligibility requirement for applicants for scholarship or certification awards.


We are excited to share with our ICMCP family the program details we have in store for you. The Leaders of ICMCP have listened to you and are in the process of reconstruction to offer our members greater opportunities to make an impact on the lives of the many women and minorities in the field of cybersecurity.  

Listed below is a snippet of the program offerings of the organization and we encourage each of you to participate and be apart of these programs because they are for you and we want you to help shape and mold them in the greatest ICMCP fashion.


The chapters are designed to be the operational link executing the delivery of our program offerings to our members. The chapters will also execute community outreach efforts to include, but not limited to, growing relationships/partnerships with local K-12 institutions, Colleges, Universities, Workforce, Small Business, and Industry.  


This program will foster the growth for women and minorities in the field of cybersecurity by partnering with universities, colleges, and corporations to provide workforce development opportunities as well as scholarships to impact the increasing number of open employment opportunities in the cybersecurity industry.


This program will offer a speaker forum, board preparation opportunities, and a “safe place” to discuss issues they are facing in the industry as well as opportunities to create and publish white papers demonstrating their expertise on topics that are emerging and important to the industry. 

In order for our programs to be successful we need volunteers. We are currently developing the following committees in support of these programs and would like for you to be a welcomed addition.

  • Education and Workforce Development Committee
  • Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships Committee
  • Executive Corner Leadership Committee

The majority of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals' (ICMCP) ongoing work is the work of committees under the direction of ICMCP Leadership Staff—volunteers themselves. The following are the ICMCP Standing Committees: 

Program Committee for Internship, Protégé, and Outreach Programs (CIPP)

The purpose of the CIPP is to identify, develop, approve and maintain the vision and strategy for the overall corporate and member benefit programs. Comprised of members who have volunteered to support this committee, the CIPP plans and presents strong, balanced and informative programs of the Scholarship Committee, Membership Committee, Mentor-Protégé Committee, Internship Committee, and Partnership and Outreach Committee. Each committee also are comprised of members who have volunteered to serve on them.

The Internship Committee works with ICMCP leadership to identify internships for members in all regions and identifies internships candidates that would be a good match, utilizing the ICMCP Talent Acquisition platform.

The Mentor-Protégé Committee coordinates the Mutual Match Mentor-Protégé Committee, encouraging mid and senior level cybersecurity professionals to mentor lower level practitioners, screening mentor applicants and matching them with protégé applicants. This Committee also follows up with both mentors and protégés to ensure that the match is successful and that goals are being met.

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee recruits and screens members as volunteers to ICMCP committees, as well as volunteers for ICMCP National Conference, Regional Summits and other events as planned by the organization. 

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops and implements strategies for expanding ICMCP’s membership. This includes advising organizing committees for the establishment of regional ICMCP chapters and working with regional membership committees once they are formed.

Corporate Events Committee 

The purpose of the Corporate Events Committee is threefold: 1) to plan, resource and manage corporate events for ICMCP; 2) suggest public announcements and work with the PR/Communications staff in their distribution, and 3) assist in media interviews and corporate events activities where their presence enhances the intended message. The Committee coordinates the process for National Conference, Regional Summits and other events as decided upon by the Board, working with outside vendors for events, as needed. The Committee works with the ICMCP Finance Committee in budgeting costs associated with corporate events and with the Development/Fundraising Committee to identify sources of financing/sponsorships/grants to achieve the goals and objectives of the Corporate Events Committee. 

Development/Fundraising Committee

The purpose of the Development/Fundraising Committee is to provide the Board of Directors with guidance and counsel on revenue-generating plans (event income, membership fees, sponsorships, and fundraising) by evaluating and assisting implementation of proposed financial development and marketing strategies. The Committee also engages in donor/sponsor-stewardship activities to assist ICMCP in cultivating and retaining donor/sponsor relationships, and participates in the planning, organizing, hosting and/or sponsoring fundraising activities that support annual operating needs. The Committee advises the Finance Committee on achievable annual fundraising goals. 

PR/Communications Committee

The purpose of the Public Relations/Communications Committee is to assist in the development of concepts, marketing plans, and outreach strategies, that support and facilitate the work of ICMCP. In this capacity, the Committee designs marketing strategies for the National Conference, Regional Summits and other ICMCP events. The Committee develops and disseminates press releases and email blasts regarding ICMCP activities in consultation with the Executive Leadership, and it oversees the development of the ICMCP newsletter. 

To become an ICMCP Volunteer complete the Volunteer Application and a Volunteer Advisory Committee Member will contact you soon. 

We look forward to welcoming you as an ICMCP volunteer!