Cybersecurity Training


ICMCP has formed partnerships with the following companies that offer free or steeply discounted professional training to ICMCP members:

Cyber Career

Free Fortinet Network 
Security Expert (NSE)
certification program for
all ICMCP Members

Discounted training access for
all ICMCP members:
- Community version with 20
modules free
- $150/yr for all content for students
- $975/yr for all content for professionals

Critical Knowledge solution
in its entirety free
to all ICMCP members


One free learning path
per member.

Invites to quarterly CTF
using CMD+CTRL Cyber Range

Foundational Cyber Security
Management Course for $50


SANS Diversity Academy 
Scholarship: $23,457


$1,000 per module. 
Bundle offering of $2,400 
for all modules


These training programs help members prepare for job and fill gaps identified during their cybersecurity assessment, both of which are other benefits to ICMCP members.