Bridging the Gap

Bridging the GAP


DIVERSITY.  It’s what we focus on here at ICMCP.  And we know: This focus – and the discussion related – includes diversity of IDEAS, as well as diversity of COMMUNITY; in fact, it’s difficult to separate those two concepts.  

Diverse Backgrounds and Experiences EQUAL Diverse Ideas.  THAT is the beauty of it!

GAPS that exist in the workplace – cybersecurity, or other – can be narrowed (if not closed) when companies, a) acknowledge these gaps, and b) commit to closing the gap.  An altruistic goal indeed; however, there are other reasons to BRIDGE THE GAP.  Think:  Innovation, and resulting, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Diversity = Innovation = Security.

This is a concept ICMCP is rolling out in 2019.  Another ‘intersect’: with innovation comes a marketing and competitive advantage for companies.

Does the GAP still exist?  Yes. Multiple reports and surveys demonstrate this – here is ISC2’s most recent data in their Annual Report.  Academicians and industry organizations continue to point out the gap and the resulting issues created; ex: 3 million jobs unfilled worldwide, among them.  

DIVERSITY is an important component of the Innovation solution.  

Innovation will lead to our security.

ICMCP is Bridging the Gap…Building Bridges – driving:  SECURITY THROUGH DIVERSITY.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION:  ICMCP Summit WEST – Silicon Valley - July 31

JOIN THE DISCUSSION:  ICMCP National Conference – Atlanta – September 17-18

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