ICYMI: Mercenary Hacking

ICYMI:  Mercenary Hacking

Gun-for-Hire Hackers.  They are amongst us. And according to a New York Times (NYT) investigation — Mercenary Hacking is turning the cyberspying business into a multibillion-dollar industry.

Privatized cyberspying is designed to help governments perform legitimate law enforcement investigations.  And of course, these things always start with the best of intentions…then…the ‘dark side’ rears its ugly head.

There are governments which have developed sophisticated espionage operations, helped by former government hackers on staff – i.e. Mercenary Hacking.  However, the NYT investigation indicates that there are ‘friendly’ governments suspected of using cyber tools to spy on their own citizens, including journalists and activists.

One Reason (among others):  Big Business.  That same NYT report cites MOODY’S estimate that the so-called lawful intercept spyware market is worth $12 billion.  The ‘unlawful’ estimate….who knows?  

So if it isn’t enough that Cyber Warriors are battling the Bad Guys every day, now there are the BAD, Bad Guys…some disguised as governments.

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