Educational Scholarships

ICMCP is helping minorities and women reach success in the field of cybersecurity through the creation of educational scholarships for: certifications, 2-year and 4-year programs.  ICMCP has several scholarships awarded on a national level, and is growing the number of scholarships available to include local markets, as well.  ICMCP is working with individuals, corporations, foundations, and with partners around the country to bring these awards and opportunities to deserving people.  Thank you for your interest!


NAMED SCHOLARSHIPSICMCP supports individuals and companies interested in establishing named minority scholarships.  We provide the platform, marketing and management of each scholarship in alignment with the mission of ICMCP.  

Each scholarship works to increase opportunities for, and representation of minorities in the fields of science, technology, engineering or math.  YOUR scholarship will touch an important life.

For specific information on how to establish your scholarship, please e-mail, [email protected].


ICMCP is helping minorities and women reach success in the field of cybersecurity through the creation of educational scholarships: Certifications, 2-year and 4-year Programs.

ACADEMIC Scholarships

Aric K. Perminter Endowment Fellowship

Aric K. Perminter endowment fellowship is made possible through an endowment from the Aric K. Perminter Foundation. One student is selected in the sophomore year. The award provides $5,000 for up to three years.



ICMCP and SANS have joined forces to offer SCHOLARSHIPS for training programs.  The ICMCP-SANS DIVERSITY CYBER ACADEMIES (DCAs) are offered around the country. Our DCA scholarships increase the career opportunities for minorities and women in the cybersecurity field. Each DCA scholarship is a 100% funded, four-to-six-month accelerated, immersive cybersecurity training program providing eligible candidates with advanced technical training, industry-recognized GIAC certifications and hands-on cyber defense and incident handling skills sought by employers.

Apply here for an ICMCP-SANS ‘Diversity Cyber Academy’ Scholarship


ICMCP has partnered with industry leader, Security Innovation Inc., to offer training scholarships to ICMCP members. These scholarships are valued at $1,000 each and consist of a cybersecurity “Learning Path” from Security Innovation’s award-winning online training. Winners can choose from 1 of 40 different learning paths. Content ranges from DevSecOps to Systems Analyst.

All courses qualify for CPE credits for most cybersecurity certifications.

Each quarter, ICMCP will award 25 scholarships. Applications are due in: March, June, September, and December of each year.

The Marci McCarthy Cybersecurity Certification Scholarship Program

T.E.N. and ISE® Talent work together to offer two undergraduate scholarships for the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP).

The Marci McCarthy Cybersecurity Certification Scholarship Program provides $5,000 over a two-year period to help talented women and minority students advance in cybersecurity and obtain the Security+ Certification via CompTIA. This scholarship is awarded at ICMCP’s Annual Conference to the highest achieving Female, Veteran, African American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian Pacific, Asian Indian, or sub-Saharan African who are active ICMCP members and have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, and a commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) careers to include cybersecurity, digital forensics, and information assurance.

Further enhancing the congressional citation from Rep. Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr. (D-GA 4th Congressional District), wherein he named March 13, 2012 as “Marci McCarthy Day,” this scholarship was created to honor Marci McCarthy’s overall work in fostering greater professionalism in the IT security industry in an effort to advance cyberspace protection in the private and public sectors.

Apply here for the Marci McCarthy Cybersecurity Certification Scholarship.

Marci McCarthy (middle) with the 2018 Scholarship Recipients: Roncs Etame-Ese (left) and (Renew Payne (right).   Marci McCarthy (middle) with the 2017 Scholarship Recipients Jhanina Santiago (left) and Drew Grant (right).   Marci McCarthy (middle) with the 2016 Scholarship Recipients: Dale McClinton (left) and Jamila Kaya (middle).