It saddened us all within the cybersecurity sector to hear of Angela Nichols’ passing.

Angela was not a cybersecurity start-up founder, chief information security officer or a network security engineer. She wasn’t the creator of all the powerful cybersecurity products, threat dashboards or advanced AI technology algorithms used by the products that ArcSight, RedSeal, Anomoli, Intel471 and Analyst1 produced.

Angela Nichols was the tenacious marketing force behind all the brilliant minds that produced these products, elevating their innovations in cybersecurity to marketplace solutions that not only changed the world but made it a safer place.

From her early career, Angela worked tirelessly to understand cybersecurity technologies and make them less intimidating and accessible to the masses through her corporate branding, global event experiences and multi-channel marketing campaigns that spanned five continents and influenced countless corporate security architectures within the Fortune 500 and government sectors.

She was a brilliant strategist and innovative cybersecurity marketing maven. She especially enjoyed being a part of the growth of the cybersecurity industry and participating in the wider sector ecosystem conversations at the annual RSA Conference. Over the past ten years, she created many unforgettable experiences there with her attention to the human experience from sleek booth designs, innovative giveaways (including electric cars, motorcycles, ATVs and big cash) and visual, user-oriented demos.  A little-known fact is that she could demo our products with the best of us and we all up’ed our game because of her.  As an industry, the experiences that she designed enabled us to feel cool way before cybersecurity was cool. 

Aside from the memories she created for so many of us at trade shows and events around the world, Angela was incredibly passionate about providing women and minorities with opportunities within cybersecurity. Her ability to see potential, a desire to learn and ambition to grow professionally is what the people whose lives she touched through her generosity of time and mentorship will always remember about her. The cybersecurity world is better for having known Angela Nichols and her advocacy for a more inclusive industry.

We will always remember Angela’s infectious smile, red hair, piercing blue eyes and compassionate personality. Her presence in our lives will be sorely missed. Her legacy will live on forever in our hearts and in the future of cybersecurity.

As Angela was an active promoter of diversity and the inclusion of women and minorities within the cybersecurity industry. For that reason, the ICMCP Angela Nichols Scholarship will honor Angela by recognizing high achieving women from disadvantaged backgrounds who are seeking to enter Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) careers including: Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, and Information Assurance.  

Angela Nichols believed one person can change the world.  Throughout her career, Angela sought out to change the lives of those around her by helping disadvantaged women follow their dreams and, in many cases, that included pursuing their career aspirations in the cybersecurity industry.  The Angela Nichols Scholarship will honor Angela by recognizing high achieving women from disadvantaged backgrounds who are seeking to enter Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) careers to include, Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, and Information Assurance.  Our goal is to build an annual program to support the growth and advancement of minorities in the field of cybersecurity. It is anticipated that this scholarship will fund up to $10,000, to be applied toward university credits or training towards cyber focused training and certification(s).

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Applicants must be:

•Female high school graduating seniors

•Participants in an Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math or a pre-college or high school program focused on STEM

•Admitted into a science, technology, engineering or math program as a full-time student

•A member and volunteer to ICMCP

•U.S. Citizens or permanent residents



•Academic achievers earning a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA or “B” average

How to Apply

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Apply for the scholarship and become part of an ICMCP training community. A community where you will share the common goal: Upskilling your cybersecurity skills. You will also have the opportunity to network with members from each of the training providers. 

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